First-timer goes big with Methven Heliski!

There’s nothing quite like being whisked away by a helicopter and placed atop a massive snowy peak. I found this out Heliskiing for the very first time on Saturday.

I already knew Methven Heliski was a fabulous company by meeting the people who work here and getting to know how they operate through my work as the office assistant this season. But now I have a whole new perspective of the Heliski operation

I saw some of the best views of my life taking off in the helicopter and making my way into the vast mountain range. It’s hard to believe any one could find a space to land a helicopter on the elevated tips of the mountains, but my pilot Troy made it look easy. I slid out of the helicopter and hunkered down beside the gear and my fellow heliskiers. The chopper blades whirled, pushing wind against my body and sprinkling my cheeks with snowflakes as the helicopter zipped back into the sky. We stood on the ledge with our gear and nothing but sky and mountains for as far as the eye could see. Directly in front of me was a slope covered with thick white powder. After getting direction from my guide, I put on my board and started to carve the very first tracks of the day. The soft snow made turns seem more effortless, and the feeling of descending from mountains in such a pristine setting is unmatched by any experience I’ve ever had while boarding.

I started the day with our guide Al, a true professional with a class-act personality. My fellow Heliskiers were a couple from Austria who will celebrate their 50th Anniversary this year. They are both passionate about Heliskiing with us, and it was inspiring to see how they are still young at heart, skiing down the massive runs with skill.

After five fantastic runs with them, I jumped in with a group of boarders – adrenaline junkies from Aussie. Our guide Roy is a boarder too and is awesome to watch zip down the hill. He shoots down the mountain shredding over ridges, bombing through narrow chutes and flying off rocks. I certainly wasn’t as skilled as the boarders from Aussie, but managed to hold my own making my way down through the amazing terrain.

The whole operation was impressive, from the unique setting of the helipad at Glenfalloch Station, to the skill and efficiency of the pilots. The guides are extremely knowledgeable. They take safety seriously and still manage to have a great time with their guests. Coming back to the ranch at the end of the day, everyone had a big smile on their face. Days later, I’m still grinning as I get flashbacks gliding down the mountains of New Zealand. What a treat!

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