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Wild weather

This past weekend a depression passed over the South Island bringing some wild weather to our region. Our remote weather station at 1700 meters showed 55 millimeters of rain and average temperatures of around 2 degrees celsius. What this tells us is that most of the snow at low elevations was washed away but above 1800 meters we have had over 1.25 meters of dense snow which is perfect for filling in the crevasses. The other good news for us is that this was the warm component of the storm and the temps on our weather station have dropped dramatically and it is now snowing to low elevations. Forecast is for more wild weather this week as a series of cold fronts hit the region bringing even further snow to our heliski terrain. High glaciated mountains, active weather systems a perfect combination for a heliski operation, bring it on!


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Storm cloud over the Alps

Storm cloud over the Alps

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May 28, 2012 · 12:31 pm