14 Million Vertical Feet

Yesterday our regular guests Christof and Britta Wieser celebrated their 14th million vertical foot of total heliskiing to date. What makes the occasion more notable is that Christof is about to turn eighty-two and is still going stong and heading for 15 million. Christoff and Britta have enjoyed heliskiing at selected locations around the globe including Canada, Greenland, India and Russia and Methven heliski NZ!  Having experienced all the different heliski operations in NZ Christoff and Britta are now content to spend all their 7 weeks at their favourite destination Methven Heliski! We love having you and look forward to your eighty second birthday party!


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3 responses to “14 Million Vertical Feet

  1. That’s awesome. I’ve skied with Christof and Britta many times many years ago and I’m so happy to see that they’re still enjoying heliskiing. Please say hello to them for me if you get a chance.


    John Forrest

  2. Charles

    Say Hello from Chuck as well. Hope to see them in Methven

  3. jonathan

    thats great , keep skiing guys you deserve all your turns you are a true inspriration .

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