Over the past couple of days 15 guides have been staying at our helipad accommodation at Glenfalloch station for the annual pre season training. We spent one day in the mountains digging snow profiles in various locations to assess the snow stability. We also had a full scale rescue practise and managed to get in some good turns in the 20cm of recent storm snow. The 2nd day was spent looking at rescue topics including crevasse rescue and advanced lst aid along with an annual review of our safety procedures. It was a great couple of days and I am very pleased with the high level of staff we have working in our operations. It was good to have a mix of international guides along with our long standing kiwi guides! We now have freshly trained guides a great snowpack and good snow conditions! All we need is you!


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2 responses to “Trained

  1. Roy Hawthorne

    Who’s the gang member 4th from the left?!

  2. terry

    I see the ‘beenie’ has made a fashion come-back this year …

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