Jonathan Morgan Donations

Many people have asked about donations for Jonathan. Being the concerned environmentalist that Jonathan was, his family have asked that in leiu of flowers a donation be made to the following trust:

The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust
PO Box 744

Cheques payable to:
The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust

Our bank account for direct transfer is:

Nelson Branch
Brook Waimarama Tst
account number is: 1231930003999000
Please include reference Jonathan Morgan

You can also donate online through paypal
By using the following web address and a credit card.


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2 responses to “Jonathan Morgan Donations

  1. Jonathan Chapman

    Sorry to hear & hard to believe. I recall a million images from the time you were 20 and paragliding off Sefton bivvy, all the way to sailing to Antarctica. you were a true adventurist through and through. The world will miss you.

  2. Kirra Dyer

    I didn’t know Jonny well after only one day of heliskiing, but could tell that he was truly passionate about the outdoors by the way he spoke when I told him I’m in the Outdoor Ed industry in Aus and I’d be interested in getting a group of kids over to NZ for a summer mtn adventure. Jonny’s enthusiasm and excitement were infectious and inspiring! I’ll get those kids there!!!

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