Jonathan Morgan

The picture says it all! For those of you that are in the Methven area we will be celebrating the life of this amazing guy at the Methven Re1141. Jonathan, deep snowsort Hotel on Friday 21st at 2:00pm.


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18 responses to “Jonathan Morgan

  1. Robyn & Warren Gibson

    Met Johnny last Friday on his final trip. A friendly, fun guy. Great skier & extreme sportsman. A great loss. Celebrate his life!!

  2. Mike B

    I was lucky enough to be guided by Jonathan a few years ago. Your passion and professionalism in the mountains will be sorely missed. Rest in peace.

  3. Jonathan

    My very first heli day of my life was guided by Jonny , as well as the fantastic snow it was jonnys smile that got me hooked, Ill keep skiing for you jonny.You will be missed.

  4. terry jackson

    the peerless turns, the cheeky grin, the unbounded energy.
    full of help and hope and eternal optimism.
    gone for now, but forever with us in the mountains

  5. Mark Nickolls

    Rest in Peace Jonny

    I was only lucky enough to spend one day in the mountains with you & I learnt so much from you in that small amount of time.
    Thanks for your shearing & caring attitude Jonny.

    To your colleagues, friends and family my thoughts are will you all.


  6. Mark Power

    Wish I could be with you to help send Jonny off in style. He was truly an inspirational forever young guy, living his dream. He touched many in his short life and enriched their lives. We’ll raise a toast for Jonny here in Perth on Friday.

  7. Phil Wilson

    Skied with Johnny on 09/07/09 for 2 days.
    Great guide, great skier, great passion for the adventure. After he told me how he had sailed from Chile to Antartica then hiked & skied a mountain there, we disscussed how a boat & hellicopter to Antartica could work.
    This is one for my bucket list thanks to him.
    An all round great guy & a great loss.
    Hv fun skiing the clouds up there buddy.

  8. Alexandra & Marco Dittrich

    A great skier, we had amazing runs, thanks for the good and memorable time.

    We will miss you Johnny.

  9. Daniel Kezich

    Johnny convinced me to go heliskiing and guided me on my first trip. I’m forever grateful for that and I’m glad I had the chance to ride with such a great guy. I’ll never forget that, rest in peace mate.

  10. My friend, Johnny, you will be sorrily missed. We’ve had many good times together and those will always be my memory of you. As a guide, your death is close to home for me. My condolences go out to your family and friends, Rest in Peace Buddy.

  11. John.
    We will never forget the great times that we had together in your beloved mountains.
    You were truly an inspiration to all of us. The care that you bestowed on your guests and your guiding skills placed you amongst the best in the world of Heli-Skiing. We all know the risks that we take when entering this wild terrain but your skill and care have guided us safely through many amazing decents.
    It is difficult for us to accept that someone who guided us so safely and genuinely cared for all of us has paid the ultimate price.
    John, we will be back next year to again ski your vast and wild terrain as we all know that is what you would have wanted us to do. But there will be something missing, that caring smile of John Morgan.
    John. Walter. Pat. Robbie. Julian. Australia.

  12. The Fraser Family PE Canada

    To all the heli-skiing guides and staff. Remember the good times you have all had together and celebrate your friends life. He lived a wonderful life and must have enjoyed it to the full. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this difficult time.

  13. Hide Yamajo

    I cannot belive we lost a great friend like him. I skied with him on Monday and Tuesday, and came across with him at Mt. Hutt parking lot by accident on Wed, with him caring about my little injury. and lost him on Friday all of sudden.

    Be rest in peace.

  14. Jonny Baird

    I had the pleasure of meeting Jonny the summer of 1994/95 in Mt Cook village ,we had a rock climbing road trip to beautifull valley/hanging rock and did some alpine climbing ,his enthusiasm was an inspiration to me, he was a pleasure to be around. We had brief contact in 2005 and last year we talked of a rock climbing trip in France, I will always regret it not happening.
    My thoughts are with your family and friends.
    Rest in peace Jonny ,you were an inspiration.

    Jonny Baird

  15. Johnny, you’ll now be getting the freshest lines ever. Went up with you the monday before you passed (we were in the other group with Tawny). I am sure you’ll be missed…

  16. Judith Amstad

    Today I’ve got the message Jonny is gone
    I can’t believe it, it hurt me so much
    Jonny, why???
    You will always be in my heart
    Thank you for everything!

  17. Every single day in the mountains with Johnny was special. You were such a great guy and guide and your spirit and enthusiasm will never be forgotten.
    Thank you for all the amazing tracks you laid for us over many years.

    Renate & Hansjoerg ,

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