NZ dollar drops so more extra runs for the Aussie group

Jonny Morgan guide for 10 yrs in the Arrowsmiths claims today provided some of his best turns yet!


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4 responses to “NZ dollar drops so more extra runs for the Aussie group

  1. jason

    heli boarding with methven heli alpine guides should be on your top ten things to do before you die- this day was out of control, we travelled over 1900 to 20000 vertical feet in one day- SICK –

  2. Thanks again to Kevin and the team at Alpine Guides for a tremendous two days heli, it was amazing. Challenging terrain which push everyone to their limits, within a safe and enjoyable environment. After a couple of trips to NZ, the Arrowsmiths via Alpine guides is by far the best experience I have to date.

    Another great thankyou to Dietlind and Chas who run the accomodation at Glenfollock station where the heli pad is, amazing food and hospitality which really made out stay. I can’t recomend this enough as a venue in which to base yourself for a couple of days heli.

    Can’t wait to see you again,

  3. Rorie "Ragdoll" Auld

    A massive thank you to Jim and Kevin from Alpine Guides for an EPIC 2 days and our hosts Dietlind and Chas, who run the accommodation side of things, awesome accom. with food to good to be true! Thank you for everything, we will certainly be back, please don’t tell too many people about your slice of paradise! Just one comment, is it possible to get the chopper a little closer to the chalet that 100m walk to the Heli-pad really took it out of me just before tackling 19000 vertical feet of virgin powder! Still can’t get the smile off my face!

    P.S. If Jake is still there could you ask him to leave me a Burton Fish, and I’ll be back next week to pick it up for some more vert!

  4. sam

    Pic says it all. Big thanks to Kevin and Jim from Alpine Guides for a spectacular couple of days and also Chas and Dietland from Glenfalloch Station for being fantastic hosts – thanks again and look forward to getting back there.

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